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legal name felix lee aliases flicks, kitten date of birth + age september 15, 2000 + 19 hometown Menai, Australia residence black swan dorm relationship status Kraft Singles occupation Social Media Influencer, Comedy Writer, Luxury Goods Designer
The water kisses the land only to be sent away; that is the eternity that waits. Felix remembers the day he was born. It is the gift of the Dreaming, to know all that has happened, all that has been. He could sing a song of it and turn it into gold strands that capture beauty if he wanted. But some things are better left as they are; the water kisses the land, and gets sent away. The boy was born, and he grew, and one day he will be a man. It is a simple tale that way. All tales are. Everything else has become the meaningless detail that connects one knot into another. The trouble and toil, the treasures that grow from the heart and spin out gold into the world.

Felix is the second born son of both his parents. After messy divorces on each side, his parents met in a medical clinic; his mother was there for a spinal injury that would eventually make her retire from her lavish-with-awards surf career and his father was treating her. They fell in love with the first "fuck you", they like to say, and their family felt ever incomplete before their baby came along. Sana and Vernon both felt a little differently about that but neither of them let it last for long. Children learned to love their siblings easily, even those they only shared half their genetic traits with.

Sana and Vernon were the kind of stars that twinkled in their own light, never eclipsing one another at all. Connected only by their brother Felix, they were the kids who managed weekends with the family and the rest of the time in their own lives. For Felix, it worked; he knew that he had siblings and a loving family but he didn't have to be anything but himself. His own goals, his own dreams, not some odd kid that came later than his siblings. It meant a run of attempts, of wanting to learn and grow and build himself into a freckled face he could love without fear.

The water called to him, its voice distracted and strange. Felix was never sure Why he loved it so much — all that mattered was that he did. Like his mother before him he went to surfing, took to it like a fish more than man, like he was made for salt and sun and tides not to ever step on the gravel of the earth again. For years it was all he wanted; as soon as school was done, Felix was running to the beach with his friends to grab a board and hit the water. It was more than a passion; it defined him. What people saw as young luck or neoptism was quickly slapped back as true talent; at seven years old, Felix won his first world tournament and became the ISA Junior World Champion; he defended his title the following year, poised himself up to become the next big superstar of surf, ready to conquer the big leagues in a few years and win every award out there.

But the water's message came through a little clearer, for a bit. Surfing became a lifestyle, a definition, but it was not the passion to fight towards. Felix proved himself and his dedication and asked only to quit there after; he changed his destination and joined the Australian Navy Cadets summer camp programs. In the school year he worked and trained with his family, but in the summers he belonged to the Navy. There, he learned all the talents that would do him well. Survival, strength training, regimines that made him diligent and reliable. And cooking which became the true end all of passions; sure, it was hard to explain to people that he was changing his desires again but Felix didn't mind. He knows nowthat it was the course of a spider, to fill his web and move on, let the wind carry him where it must, but at the time he'd simply wanted to follow his desire.

Life, with that in mind, found its way. Felix, the odd dumpling of sunshine and freckles, making his way through graduating from the cadet academy with Midshipman marks and rank; Felix, cooking his way into his family's heart further and deeper than ever before; Felix, with bustling life and friends, traveling from Menai to the heart of Syndey and anywhere else he so pleased. Until he was fifteen years old it was just, well, casual routines that boldened into one another and steadied him. But then, the pĂrxíénbra came and things changed; Sana's mother found herself visited by others and James and Gail took the girl to visit her in the north of the country. With Vernon abroad, it was the first time that Felix was completely alone; but he'd graduated as nearly a marine and so, what trouble could he get into?

Too much, it turned out.

All of Felix's friends went camping together with their odd liberation; the ghosts and revenants that were coming back to flesh weren't theirs to worry about, too young and bright and free to mind it. So they made their way into the empty lands of the country and set up home. Hunting, fishing, the elders handled it whlie Felix kept the fires going and cooked everything they brought back, building memories and love for each other thoroughly. Then, everything went to crumble and the world changed forever.

Australia crumbled and death called out. But the life lost as the trees broke and the ground slid away from underfoot found its way back into the children who held onto one another and tried bravely, covered in spit and fear and trembling, to survive. They grew into one another; they became more than they, more than now or was or will be. The Dreaming, in the very flesh, each of them given the totem right of animals and gods too old to be remembered and too necessary to ever be forgotten. They woke to the world anew and more memories than any of them had fallen with. The world was a crater around them and they climbed their way out; Spider with his webs carried the worst of the load, knowing without knowing that it was easiest when done by him. And they made their way to rescue workers, to safety, bringing up the people who needed them most. The people that the land did not yet want to forget.

From there, things returned to a relative normalcy. Not great, not by a long shot, but good enough that life made sense. Felix decided to chase his dreams; he remembered too many lives where he hadn't and still the Spider regretted that. He roped his sister into it, a child star who wanted to transition into adult work, and they made the most successful Youtube series in Australia; the second season became the most watch comedy show on Australian television for its season as well before they liked the idea of walking away. Pretending to be siblings who fought was fun and all, but the characters were too large to maintain for long. It hasn't stopped Felix from his Internet ventures, posting regularly, opening a vlog channel and even — thanks to his gifts — becoming a bit of a luxury lifestyle guru with his launch of a line of bags known as Instinct.

The Dreaming House was the idea of the elders before Felix joined; they wanted to travel, to follow the Songlines of the planet as a whole. They created it together, the Dreaming who had become with one another, who would unbecome in the same knowing. A house that travels, built of magic and need, selling goods and using the Internet to create a storm of popularity that blooms them into better than they are. Felix likes it now, traveling, tasting food all around the world and making more than enough money to know that his dream is Not that far off; one day, he'll be more than the comedy cook and bag maker, more than a Spider for the world.

🕷 2010 ISA Junior World Champ.
🕷 2011 ISA Junior world champ.
🕷 2nd degree blackbelt taekwondo.
🕷 gives a pretty good massage.
🕷 kitchen work certified.
🕷 2020 awgie award winner.
🕷 vlogs in english and korean.
🕷 often mixes up his korean.
🕷 visits his grandmothers weekly.
🕷 nurses drinks at parties.
🕷 loves creating new ice creams.
🕷 owns a thai ice cream maker.
🕷 appears on australian tv often.
🕷 navy cadet midshipman ts barwon.
🕷 has more freckles than body hair.
🕷 7 piece collection of boards.
🕷 not a fan of strong smells.
🕷 sneezes around essential oils.
🕷 still surfs every single day.
🕷 his heart is with sailing.
🕷 drives a crosstrek 2.0i ltd.
🕷 dreams of being a celebrity chef.
🕷 does not like to curse at all.
🕷 natural with string instruments.
parents james (the father) & gail (the mother)
siblings sana (half-sister) & vernon (half-brother)
etc. peter (maternal cousin) + lynette (maternal grandmother) + robyn (paternal grandmother)
meyer-briggs enfj-a
likes: corn dogs, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, shameless, lamington, caramel shortbread, js forget me nots, breasts, crunchy cheese doodles, etc. etc.
dislikes: food intolerancies, sudden shocks, freckle hate, etc etc.

venom and webs spider baronFelix's gift manifested as the incarnation of an ancient story in his land: Spider Baron. As the Baron, he is a god — and the origin of all spiders and all things that have come from, been related to, or been influenced by spiders. There are many versions of Spider Dreaming, each with similar enought gifts, but Felix and a destined would-be mate are the two purest form of Spider in their mythologies. Because of this, they are the most powerful. They may conjure and summon spiders, communicate with them, teleport, and even shift into spider forms.