ars moriendi / art of dyingthe baron zaréñé
The Baron zaréñé — or, Gede Spider — is drawn from the notion of the wise old Anansi himself. Source of wisdom, stories, creativity, dreams, the stars, the moon, the sun and the shape of things, zaréñé is gifted with the crossroad of the arts: the art of dying, the art of sex, the art of love. The great weaver binds together the threads of truth, each one of his eight great legs becoming a chapter of the story of every life. As a Baron, Felix has all the innate gifts of death and sex the other Gede hold, with the blessings of the great old spider instilled to make unto him a new spider-god that moves through time and space with special influence over the sasa, zamani, mayaka and the sky themselves. Uniquely, Zaréñé can create bonds with the other Barons to imbue himself, and the others, with unique new gifts of death and sex alike.


Though each of his eight chapters seem unique, these gifts all culminate into the essence of the Art of Dying, stemming from one of the abilities listed below.