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Felix Lee is the origin of all spiders — this is true for Australia, but has bled to other worlds as well. He is not mightier than Grandmother Spider when in North America, but has rights to her gifts for borrowing and so on. He is stronger, faster, better than anyone else his size and weaves webbing, hope and diligence as easily as the spider strings together its nest. His spider form is the size of a small building and shifts shapes to fit the task at hand.
Spider Dreaming is the greatest weaver in the world. In one life, Spider built bags that held universes inside of them. In another, Spider caught the worst of life in its webs. Felix can access all these features and currently finds it easier to build smaller pocket dimensions that replicates and repairs objects put inside of them; never again will your glasses or umbrella break in a Spider Dreaming bag!
The Dreaming remember their past, back to the origin of all. Spider, as the Third Dreaming of all, remembers further back than most. It can access all the gifts of its past, all the strengths, all its lessons. Each Dreaming chooses when its life ends and Felix knows all Spider that have ever been and, in some cases, the possibility of those to come.
Alexis Ren, known as the Red Back Spider Dreaming, is the other end of Felix's spectrum. Throughout history, the two forms of Spider have conflicted, troubled by stars and nature. If they came together, copulated in a bora, they would reach their fullest potential: to exist as the healers and creators, that which wove the universe as third Dreaming to ever be. As female, alexis is far stronger physically than Felix and more sexual.
“Rise over love and over hate.”
“For there will be fireworks and they will light up your eyes.”
“The quiet wishing is not loud enough.”
“When our hearts were dry, when the sea lay still and the moon was white: I loved you”